Code of Ethics

Golpayegan Valves Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran in 1392 unit is.

carefully when buying products with the name and logo of  GLP transmission and distribution network is extensive and credible to the market. So similar names and synonyms is not related to the company.

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Golpayegan Valves company based on ethical principles and rules of Islam and preserving the national identity in line with developments in the country guild system as a manufacturing organization – Industrial and service in dealing with customers, by adhering to the will of the Creator and adhere to the Code of Ethics in order to preserve their human dignity knows with the following provisions:

1. always and at all times in the presence of God and he know anyway governing the actions and behavior.

2. piety and righteousness as a measure of dignity and superiority of man before God and redemption in all things we observe.

3. respect for the law, having a work ethic and respect for religious masses know its production activities.

4. discipline, punctuality and responsibility are ready to provide service to everyone.

5. We believe that customers are our real assets in the communication process between the character and his place will be safe.

6. Respect for clients and partners humanitarian and legal obligations on the part of the effort to make it count, and respect for their dignity as human beings and others know.

7. services with optimum quality and put in a proper manner and new customers and our responsibility Working in the field of any information they need quickly and according to the laws and regulations provide for them and avoid wasting time.

8. justice, fairness, trustworthiness and good moral principles in performing their duties inseparable from his character we know and believe that customer satisfaction is the basis for evaluating our activities and opinions.

9. Transparency in performance in order to avoid any ambiguity in the performance of their duties know duties.