Name of God

Golpayegan Valves (G.L.P) company in 1387 with the aim of manufacturing and constructional sanitary valves Golpayegan began its activities in Golpayegan city.
Over the years, the company with the sympathy and cooperation of young people using modern science and technology as well as detailed production planning, won the Quality improvement products were considered as well as an increase in Production.So that now the full spectrum of types of sanitary valves suited to the tastes of customers across the country provides

We are proud of the high quality of its products received the national standard that Europe CE and ISO9001 – 2008-ISO14001-2004 and ISO10002-2004 ISO18001-2011 and also we are a member of Iran Valves producers in 2011 and 2012 for 2 consecutive years Global quality Award from Italy and Germany have been.

In the end, I call on all managers, engineers and workers that were working and enthusiastic thank companies offer products even better with the people in your life dear friend to one another welfare relief will be effective.

I hope that we can draw satisfaction and trust you dear buyers.

CEO of the Gates Golpayegan

Hassan Rahimi